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Life-size metal sculpture of Samuel Coleridge Taylor on Charles Street in Croydon, London. Photo Credit: © Angela Morgan.

Samuel Coleridge Taylor – A London Classical Composer

I was once asked to do a walking tour of Croydon, my borough in London and also where the composer Samuel Coleridge Taylor lived for most of his life. He was a man of mixed heritage who studied music and composed the Hiawatha Wedding Feast inspired by Hiawatha, written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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Guide London A - Z: Letter A

Guide London A – Z: Letter A London Landmarks And Tourist Attractions

How many London tourist attractions can you name that start with the Letter A? Blue Badge Tourist Guide Nick Salmond kicks off our Guide London A – Z video series highlighting some popular and lesser-known tourist attractions beginning with the Letter A.

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Guide London A - Z

Launch of Guide London A – Z Video Series: Alphabetical Showcase Of London Tourist Attractions & Landmarks

Building on the success of our live broadcast series, the Association of Professional Tourist Guides is excited to announce the launch of a new video series: Guide London A-Z! We’ve challenged 26 of our 600+ Blue Badge Tourist Guides to share the best of London, from the popular to the quirky.

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The Healing of the Lame Man. Photo Credit: © Christopher Hayden.

London’s Famous Mortlake Tapestry Works

Opposite the church of St Mary The Virgin, Mortlake a path called Tapestry Court leads to the River Thames. Here you will find a plaque memorialising the seventeenth century Lower Dutch House, one of the former buildings of the Mortlake Tapestry Works.

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Scene from Netflix’s Bridgerton TV Series: Featherington family picnic in Painshill Park. Photo Credit: © Netflix.

Painshill Park, a Location Featured in Netflix’s Bridgerton TV Series

Observant visitors heading to the RHS Garden Wisley may spot a gothic tower beside the A3 near Cobham, unaware that this is one of the follies within Painshill Park, situated a short distance from London’s Ring Road, the M25.

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Windsor walking tour group. Photo Credit: © Amanda Bryett.

Plagues, Pestilence And Potions In Windsor

Most London Blue Badge Tourist Guides have a backstory. Mine involved a seventeen-year career in the pharmaceutical industry working for a joint-venture French/American vaccine company. As Head of Medical Information, I set up the very first telephone Vaccine Information Service – in the days before Google!

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London Blue Badge Tourist Guide Kathryn Hallam Howard.

Because I’m A Londoner: From Police Officer To Blue Badge Tourist Guide

This is the final article in a series written by London Blue Badge Tourist Guides, who used to be key workers in our capital city. Kathryn Hallam-Howard was a law enforcement officer for over thirty years, working in the West End, South London and at New Scotland Yard. She tells us about her work in the police before she became a guide.

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Churchill, aged 67, wearing a suit, standing and holding into the back of a chair. Photo Credit: © Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Winston Churchill Style – 7 Fashion Secrets Of The Churchill War Rooms

Deep under Whitehall – the home of the United Kingdom’s major government departments – is a secret lair to rival anything created by a James Bond baddie intent on world domination. The Churchill War Rooms were constructed secretly as the bomb-proof centre of wartime government. Churchill was initially reluctant to go underground but he fought fascism here from 1939 to victory in 1945. With him was his wartime coalition ‘cabinet of all the talents’, his senior chiefs and advisors – and a small army of military and civilian staff, all engaged in top-secret work.

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David Hockney’s Remember You Cannot Look At The Sun Or Death For Very Long. Photo Credit: © Gail Jones.

London Is Waking Up – David Hockney In London

David Hockney is a celebrated British artist, who was born and lives in Yorkshire and is well known in the USA after living for many years in California. This summer Hockney has an exhibition at the Royal Academy which was inspired by his trip to Normandy in 2020. It starts on 23 rd May and continues to late September. If it is anything like his show there in 2012 it will be an uplifting experience and not to be missed.

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#LetsDoLondon Campaign

Let’s Do London Campaign Launched By Mayor of Greater London, Sadiq Khan

The recently re-elected Mayor of Greater London Sadiq Khan has launched a ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign to promote the capital as a major world tourist destination once again. Blue Badge Tourist Guides aim to play a major part in the re-opening of tourism in London.

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London Blue Badge Tourist Guide Janet Robinson.

Because I’m A Londoner: From Nurse To Blue Badge Tourist Guide

This is the fourth in a series of articles written by London Blue Badge guides who used to be key workers in the capital. Janet Robinson writes about her work as a nurse before she became a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide.

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The Festival of Britain emblem – the Festival Star – designed by Abram Games. Photo Credit: © Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

70th Anniversary Of The Festival Of Britain in London

Let me take you back to the Britain of 1951. The Second World War had ended just six years earlier. London, like many other British cities, had been bombed relentlessly and still bore the scars of the Blitz. Surviving buildings were covered in layers of dark sooty dust and rationing was still the order of the day and, for fresh meat, remained in place until 1954.

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