London Virtual Tour

Explore London’s gifts without leaving home by booking a London Virtual Tour

From the comfort of your own home, you can now discover as much of London as you like – maybe you fancy a highlights tour of London’s amazing art galleries and museums, perhaps you would prefer insight into the major sites and iconic tourist attractions like Tower Bridge. If unusual spots are your favourite, how about a virtual tour of some of London’s best kept secrets, or would you like some help entertaining the kids with a spooky ghost tour? Whatever your wish, we have a fun, experienced Blue Badge Tourist Guide ready and waiting to help.

Ideas for an unmissable London Virtual Tour includes…

  • Glorious Galleries – let us put a spotlight on some of the classic and contemporary artwork to be found at London’s best art galleries including Tate Modern, National Gallery, and Tate Britain.
  • Marvellous Museums – get a  highlights tour of London’s world-class free museums including the British Museum, British Library, Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and more!

Beyond art galleries and museums, some London Virtual Tours to consider…

  • Royal London – Explore historical places in London connected to the British Monarchy including Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, The Royal Mews, The Mall, Westminster Abbey, etc.
  • London Street Art – Explore the ‘Outdoor Gallery ’ in London’s East end showcasing highly prized works by street artists such as Banksy, ROA, Martin Ron, sTIK, Jimmy C and Ben Eine.
  • Complete Classics – be amazed by the stories of London’s historic buildings including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace, etc.
  • Lovely London, get a highlights tour of the whole city – ideal for those who have never been before, and want an overview as to what makes London one of the best cities in the world.
  • Historic London Areas – Find out about some of the historic areas of London including Bloomsbury, Covent Garden, City of Westminster, Whitechapel, Southwark, etc.
  • Multicultural London – Discover diverse, fascinating and constantly evolving London neighbourhoods including the Caribbean community in Brixton, Bangla (Bengali) community in Spitalfields and Jewish East End.
  • A Shakespeare Saunter – retrace the bard’s steps without moving a muscle! In a virtual tour, you can skip all over the city to the theatres and drinking dens that Will and his mates knew.
  • Legal London – find out from an expert just what it takes to get to wear those famous wigs, and discover how London’s legal history influenced the world.
  • A Windsor Wander – without contending with traffic, take a drive from Central London to  Windsor Castle, home to Her Majesty the Queen, and a 1000-year-old castle filled with secrets, stories, and wonders.
  • And many more! Just ask a guide for your dream tour.

Whatever topic you decide on for your London Virtual Tour, we can customize based on the dynamics of your group.  So if you are a family with children, we can tailor the virtual tour to make sure your young ones are engaged throughout.   If you are a school or university group, we can customize based on academic interests.  If you are a social club or corporate team, we can also customize for engagement.  In fact, we can even put together a fun and entertaining quiz for your team or group on any London topic with the guide acting as compere.

Book a Blue Badge Tourist Guide for your London Virtual Tour because you’ll get…

  • A fun, informative, professionally qualified guide booked exclusively for your family or group
  • Confidence that your guide will be fully trained to deliver you an interactive and engaging virtual tour.
  • The ability to tailor a tour to your interests. Let your guide know if there is something you would like to include, or a particular interest you have, and they will be able to accommodate
  • Insights into some of the most interesting, unusual, and historic places, which these guides know like the back of their hand. Along with some hidden gems, and details that you would not find on your own our guides have their own stories to tell about the places they know.
  • Tips and hints to make your eventual tour to London a success!

So let us get started. With that, when completing the form below, please be as detailed as possible about your group and the type of London Virtual Tour that you would like the guide to organise. THANK YOU!


Simply input your tour request details in the form below. When you have finished, hit the Green ‘Submit to Match’ button. Your request will be instantly emailed to three highly qualified and enthusiastic London Blue Badge Tourist Guides, matching your criteria. They will then email you confirming availability, pricing and suggestions for the tour itself. So let one of our 500+ Blue Badge Tourist Guides make your stay in London a special one.

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